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More than 12 years’ medical writing experience in:
– Non-small cell lung cancer
– Squamous cell carcinoma of the head & neck
– Cervical cancer
– Melanoma
Real world evidence and HEOR

CMPP certification through ISMPP

Selected publications:
Performance of a 31-gene expression profile test in cutaneous melanomas of the head and neck.
Gastman BR, Zager JS, Messina JL, Cook RW, Covington KR, Middlebrook B, Gerami P, Wayne JD, Leachman S, Vetto JT.
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Performance of a prognostic 31-gene expression profile in an independent cohort of 523 cutaneous melanoma patients.
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Analytic validity of DecisionDx-Melanoma, a gene expression profile test for determining metastatic risk in melanoma patients.
Cook RW, Middlebrook B, Wilkinson J, Covington KR, Oelschlager K, Monzon FA, Stone JF.
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Identification of high-risk cutaneous melanoma tumors is improved when combining the online American Joint Committee on Cancer Individualized Melanoma Patient Outcome Prediction Tool with a 31-gene expression profile-based classification.
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Clinical Performance and Management Outcomes with the DecisionDx-UM Gene Expression Profile Test in a Prospective Multicenter Study.
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